Be the front runner. What for?

Becoming a front runner. What for?

What does Excellence mean?

Excellence means doing the right things (effectiveness) and doing things right (efficiency).

Front runner apply proven methods and tools and follow good practice solutions to achieve excellence status.

How do you become a front runner?

What does excellence bring?

- They apply appropriate strategies.

+ Optimum availability of your equipment.

- They re-sharpen structures and processes.

+ Sustainable substance preservation.

- They use current methods and tools

+ Better risk management.

- They live ongoing improvement.

+ Safe process/product quality.

+ Highest efficiency.

+ Highest productivity.


Which Excellence type are you?



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Which Excellence type are you?

Excellence Performer

Congratulations! You are already in 'Excellence Heaven'!

- Optimized and standardized application established in all areas

- Large experience (>3 years) available with all relevant employees

- Improvements are systematically identified, implemented and reviewed



You have an excellent foundation:

- 'Excellence' experiences consistent application in all areas

- Great experience (>1 year) available with almost all employees

- Improvements are systematically identified and implemented



You take what you can quickly put to good use for your further development:

- Regular use in most areas

- Experience (at least 1 year) available for most employees

- Improvements are recognized and implemented with motivation



'Excellence’ war bislang in Ihrer Organisation kein Thema:

- No to low application in individual areas

- Employees still have little to no experience


















Every journey begins with the first step.

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