Comfortable, beautiful, mostly sunny and always with a terrific atmosphere, so is it possible to describe our last three after-work drink evenings. The events started at the beginning of summer. Once a month we meet for a social gathering. For the finale before the summer holidays we had come up with the following highlights: The roof terrace of the Hinterhof! More >

Syngenta project "B-Flex" in Stein (AG)

Site management lead for a greenhouse extension at the development center Syngenta Stein (AG) More >

WMU 3160 Syngenta Münchwilen

A dispensations area for solid and liquid substances with regard to hygiene and prevention of cross contamination needed to be re-organised. More >

Syngenta Projekt „Expansion II S-NAA WKA“ in Kaisten

During the current project "Expansion I S-NAA WKA" the possibilities of further increasing the production capacity were examined and the appropriate measures / options identified and evaluated. More >

Syngenta Projekt in Kaisten „Expansion I“

After almost two years of intensive work, we have now reached the end of the phase 1 Syngenta project in Kaisten. More >

Support for the Judo Club Nunningen

Since 2012 4E Engineering already supports the Judo Club Nunningen. More >

After Work Drink in the Eoipso Lounge

After the regular team meeting, included two interesting presentations from employees, the team walked to the nearby Eoipso to enjoy an after work drink. More >

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